Back from Vacation/Holiday/Whatnot

I didn't announce any holiday, but I was way too busy with celebration stuff lately to blog.  Right before Christmas I got a job, so weekdays have been crazier.  And then we went away to New Hampshire for New Years and are still recovering.  But there is a lull in the crazy, long enough hopefully for a post!


I dont' have the recipe at the moment, but will hopefully have the prescence of mind to add it later.  So have some pictures!


They came out flatter than I'd hoped, but very dry and fluffy and AMAZING.  Along with the chocolate, I added mint extract, and that really made the difference.  And this was a good way to use up some not so great nestle's chocolate chips I'd gotten before christmas.  From now on it's only the good stuff, though.

I need to make more cookies.

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