Tis The Season

Tis the season to sit at home, waiting for that job offer to call back.  Ok, not exactly.  Money is tighter than usual at the moment, so not only did we visit the local thrift stores and stop by the LIQUIDATION SALE at the Expo center, but there are more edible gifts this year than before.  To a recent Christmas party we brought a bottle of wine and some delicious fresh made spiced fudge.  Not only spiced, but cayenne pepper as well!

Somehow it's the edible gifts that bring the most smiles.

This weekend we'll be attending one going away party, a friend's Christmas party, and finally my family's Secret Santa party.  I haven't quite figured out what to make for the Secret Santa party (some sort of molasses candy if I can find a recipe that calls for items I already have!) but for the Christmas party Saturday night, well it's going to be a party amongst friends who like to have a good time.  With that in mind, I made some flavored Vodka.

The one for the party is smack dab in the middle.  It's an anise and vanilla infused Vodka (as is the bottle behind and to the right).

The kumquat is the oldest I have and I should probably finish it off sometime soon.  Did I mention it's delicious?  Because it is - especially with cranberry juice and some rum and maybe a little grenadine.  But I digress.  There are two other flavors on the table: cinnamon and ginger.  Neither of these should be taken lightly or they will burn your nose hairs out!  They are tasty in their own way, and I can't wait to make new drinks with them (both would be great in hot chocolate).



As a little leftover from last year, I had two bottles of home-made vanilla extract.  One was getting a bit low so I poured it into a few vials to toss into gifts this year.  I kept my favorite bottle for myself, though.

So now I go back to the internets to search for a good molasses candy recipe.  Wish me luck!

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