I used to be a vegetarian, throughout most of college actually.  Somehow my fiance managed to turn me back onto delicious dead things.  So that is why I bring to you these delicious meats.  Puff pastry meat gifts.

Meat Gifts
-one frozen roll of breakfast sausage
-box of frozen puff pastry (or make your own, whatever floats your boat)
-small onion
-two cloves garlic
-1t paprika
-pinch of your favorite spices, I used herbes de provence
-one egg

1. Preheat oven to 425
2. Roughly slice onion (I used a small mandolin) and chop or press garlic.  Combine in a bowl with sausage and spices, however be sure to remove any casing from the meat.  Mine didn't have casing so you may not need to worry about that.

3. Mix!  Use your hands, or if the sausage hasn't thawed all the way like mine hadn't, use a meat pounder!  Pound that meat!

4. Take the puff pastry and, if not flat flatten it.  If it is flat, and once it is flat, cut into roughly 5x5 squares.

5. Take about two to three tablespoons worth of the meat mix (or more if you're daring) and place in the middle of each square.  Fold the pastry to have a small opening at the top but none at the sides.
6.  Open up your egg and mix everything up a bit.  Brush the eggy goodness onto your happy little meat gifts.  Give leftover egg to the dog.

7. Cover baking sheet with foil and place your meaty gifts on it.  Bake for 12-15 minutes or until the desired golden brown-ness has been reached.

And they'r ready to eat!  They are very crispy and flaky at this point, but also very hot.  They can be reheated later on in the microwave but lose all that crispiness and the pastry takes on a little bit of a rubbery feeling.


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