So Much to Eat

Today has starred family food.  My fiance's parents cooked up a huge lunch for us complete with a turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and more!  I brought a loaf of Irish soda bread to have with the food, though I wont include it here since it came in a bag and all I did was mix it with water.  Tasty, but not necessarily appropriate for this space.

After his parents, we moved on to my family and had an enormous dinner with a pot roast, squash, asparagus, broccoli, wild rice and more.  I honestly can't remember it all, though we came home with plenty of left-overs.  After about 30 minutes of groaning on the couch, we moved on to the sweet stuff.  To complement our cookies, fudge and some carrot cake, my sister and I had some Marsala wine.  Nothing better than a sweet wine.  Here are some pictures she took of the foods:

I'm not entirely sure what everything is, however the light brown balls are snickerdoodles and the large squares are caramel chocolate cake thingies.  Oh, and there is some peppermint fudge stuff.  The darker brown balls are some sort of truffle and the other cookies have m&ms in them.

Naturally we've eaten ourselves silly and have no plans on cooking today or tomorrow.  However my parents gave us quite the foodie gift:

Isn't it beautiful?

Now back to enjoying a glass of Three Philosophers and the Victorian episode of the Supersizers.  Rad.

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